Monday, September 26, 2011

Meet your Instructors

Rocky Heron first found his way to yoga as a teenager when he stumbled into Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga in Santa Monica, CA. Since then Rocky has dedicated himself to a passionate exploration of the body/mind's wisdom and innate healing potential, both as a teacher and student. His teaching is informed by years of study in various yoga styles and philosophies, and a constantly unfolding discovery of leading edge anatomical awareness and body mechanics. He offers the gift of yoga through the grace and brilliance of his teachers: Dharma
Mittra, Leslie Kaminoff, Noah Maze, Tara Judelle, and many others. Rocky teaches retreats and workshops throughout the world, and weekly as a senior instructor and teacher trainer at The Yoga Centre in San Luis Obispo, CA. Students journey to Rocky’s teaching for the intelligence, playfulness, and potent information contained in each of his classes, and Rocky journey’s each day tohis mat for the ever expanding layers of bliss and insight that he continues to
discover in his practice.

“Let us all recognize the source of this great human experience: that we are
the consciousness of creative intelligence made manifest for the delight of self-
exploration and expansion. May we all reclaim this knowledge of our power, and
play in this time and space without limits or fears of any kind. Namaste!”

Sarah Girard is a born and raised native of Venice Beach. Having begun her Yoga practice at a very young age, next to the ocean, she has incorporated resiliency, courage and humor into her life. In 2009, Sarah sailed around the globe, touching 6 continents and sharing the practice of Yoga. Back in the states, she continues her rigorous Yoga practice, which started 13 years ago and she won’t go a day without a down dog!! During the past decade, Sarah has personally trained with world-renowned yoga mentors, Bryan Kest, Rudy Mettia, Ally Hamilton, Tamal Dodge, Leah Kim and now the radiant Elinore Cohen. Living passionately, she is always in search of a new teacher, a new studio and a new class to practice many different forms of fitness. She believes that we are all students and to be a teacher one must always be learning. Sarah continually practices the connection of mind and body in her classes and celebrates the challenges we greet in our daily lives. We are all powerful in our own ways. Let us help each other discover the unknown.